How To Get Rid of Snakes the Easy Way

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My biggest two fears are being bitten by a snake or a spider!  They freak me out!  This article will show you how to get rid of snakes the easy way.


how to get rid of snakes the easy wayMany gardeners will tell you that some snakes are good to have.  If you can tolerate it, I’d recommend keeping the good snakes.  Some of them help to keep away mice and other bugs that could be harmful to your edibles, but still…


They freak me out!


I know I’m not the only one who gets creeped out by snakes or spiders.  According to statistics, one third of adult humans have ordiphiophobia (fear of snakes)–making it the most common reported phobia!


Now, the question is…if I’m out enjoying myself in a highly forested area, how do I avoid snakes?  And, if I can’t avoid them how do I get rid of them, so they don’t get rid of me?  That’s the questions this article will answer, and the good news….I’ve done the research, and there is an easy way!  Let’s continue to discuss how to get rid of snakes the easy way.  Shall we?


Home Remedies Get Rid Snakes?


The funny thing is that snakes are fairly easy to get rid of with a little routine yard hacks.  Here’s a few:


Clean up the yard


Snakes love stagnant areas and areas with piles of brush.  They slide underneath the brush and usually won’t come out unless someone like you or I comes near and they feel intimidated.  Then, even though we may not have noticed, they may come out ready to attack because they think we were trying to hurt them.  I get it…I would do the same thing if I were them, but often times, WE’RE INNOCENT!


I don’t want anything like that to happen to me!  I don’t want awkward misunderstandings and run-ins with snakes.  I prefer they know their territory and I know mine.  If you do these few things, you can cut back on those awkward run-ins:

  • Wood piles
  • Rock piles
  • Overgrown shrubs
  • Overgrown grass or weeds
  • Fallen trees
  • Scrap piles
  • Leaves
  • Ivy
  • Compost piles
  • Garden sheds and out buildings that are in poor repair (making them easy to access)


Focus on getting rid of pests


Remove food source = remove snakes


Snakes eat mice, rats, bugs, and other pests most people don’t want around anyway.  Rather than focusing on the snakes, focus on getting rid of their food supply.  There are plants that can help get rid of pests if you’re a plant person.  If you’re not a plant person for whatever reason (I’m not either), here are some top rated products that can help with getting rid of pests:


Watch out for your outdoor pets


Sometimes, snakes like to take chicken eggs, rabbits, and other outdoor pets you may have.  You may want to bring them inside or house them a different way, so you can resolve the snake problem.  If you keep the outdoor pets secure, then there’s less food sources for the snakes, and no food = no snakes.  Coops like these can help stop snakes from being able to get to chicken eggs, chicklings, baby rabbits, or other outdoor pets you may have:



Mulch with sharp materials


I’ve heard many homesteaders say they use diatamaceous earth, eggshells, sharp rocks, and other things that are really uncomfortable to slide across to cut the food chain in their homesteads.  Diatamaceous Earth like this here solves two problems in one: it gets rid of pests and it’s uncomfortable for pests.  According to homesteaders, the diatamaceous earth is not effective at harming the snakes, but with the absence of their food supply, you can definitely cut back on them.  This article tells about the uses of diatamaceous esrth.  You should check it out!  Regardless, if you’re trying to cut the food chain where you are, I’d put this at the top of my list of things to get if you’re experiencing a snake problem!



Eliminate wet areas


how to get rid of snakesSnakes like shady and damp areas.  If you have areas where there are shrubs, puddles, or standing water, then head straight to it!  You can use sand, dirt, or some other material to absorb the water.  If you have self watering flower pots (as nice as they are), they are a problem if you’re having snakes.  You want to figure out how to cut back on the dampness, then you’ll see the snakes cut down.


Seal your house


how to get rid of snakesCaulk, weatherstripping, screens, and other ways to make sure you have a snug fit around your doors and windows can really help you to stop snakes from getting into your house.  Added onto keeping your home sealed, you can also add diatamaceous earth into your stored food: rice, dried foods, and even in corners of the garage and things if you want.  It’s organic and fairly harmless if you get the food grade version here.


Myth or Truth: Sulfur Get Rid Snakes?

Don’t simply believe the lie about sulfur getting rid of snakes!  University studies have shown sulfur DOES NOT get rid of snakes as a standalone ingredient.  I’ve seen so many search results talking about sulfur as a solution for snakes, but there is no solid proof that it actually helps to get rid of snakes.  Beware.  The other solutions I’ve mentioned are much better for getting rid of snakes than the sulfur.


Final Conclusion About How To Get Rid of Snakes the Easy Way


Hopefully these tips help, and answers your questions about how to get rid of snakes.  I couldn’t imagine having a serious run-in with snakes, and if it became a serious problem, I’d be so nervous!  Fortunately, I’ve found these solutions and they work!  Give them a try and let me know your results below.


Now it’s your turn…


Have you had snakes?  How’d you get rid of them?  Did you learn how to get rid of snakes another way? Please share!

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